Microtek Scanners Australia
Microtek Scanners Australia

MICROTEK has been producing innovative scanning solutions for over two decades, and still continues to make technology breakthroughs in scanning solutions.

By developing high-end digital imaging technologies as well as focusing on special applications, MICROTEK provides advanced application solutions packages to exceed customers' expectations and to envisage the colorful future of digital imaging.

Microtek XT 6060 A3 Flatbed Scanner is the World's fastest CCD-LED A3 Scanner

2010 Professional Scanner Range

You get CCD image quality with a cold cathode lamp that can't go the distance, like any cold cathode (fluorescent) lamp it starts to wear out from the outer edges.Other scanners use CIS (Fax type) sensors and LED lights but CIS doesn’t have the depth of field or sensitivity of CCD.

All the best cameras are CCD.

Microtek with the XT 6060 A3 scanner have the best of both worlds. CCD quality and speed along with LED consistent light output and long life (LEDs can last up to 70 years).

Now there's no excuse to settle for a slow or detail lacking A3 scanner.

Microtek XT 6060







From professional scanners like the new 9800-XL & 1000 XL to consumer products, Microtek provides the best quality, performance, and cost effective scanners worldwide.


2016 Professional Scanner Range

Scanner Prices & Special Offers


Currently Microtek are running specials on their
A3 scanner range through two Australian distributors
AIM Digital Imaging and hot.com.au


See the Microtek 1600XL A3 Scanner in action!

A3 Scanner Microtek XT5830 A3
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