Microtek Scanners Australia
Microtek Scanners Australia

XT6060 Fastest A3 Scanner

MICROTEK has been producing innovative scanning solutions for over two decades, and still continues to make technology breakthroughs in scanning solutions.

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  • ScanWizard DI V3.011 works under Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000 system. ScanWizard DI V3.03 or its later version also works under Windows 7 system.
  • ScanWizard DI V3.12  is the latest version of scanner driver S/W to work under Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000 system. ScanWizard DI V3.12: Download at microtek
  • ScanPotter V1.09 is the latest released version of Microtek scanner driver S/W that can support XT6060 to work with Intel based Mac computer under Mac OS X Mountain Lion ( 10.6.x ~ 10.8.x ) system through an USB2.0 connectivity. If you need ScanPotter V1.09 (file size : 113M Bytes Disk Image File) so for Australian users please contact us and we'll email you the file.

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